Implementation guides, FHIR shorthand specifications, schemas for XML, SOAP and REST communications.


The Information Technology Systems in Hospitals (ISiK – Informationstechnische Systeme in Krankenhäusern) "Basic Module" enables use-case-independent functionalities for the communication and validation of data within hospital environments, by providing FHIR resources, examples and an implementation guide.
The ISiK module "Document Exchange" (Dokumentenaustausch) provides FHIR resources as a specification, examples and an implementation guide. Theses resources enable newly created documents (e.g., forms filled out on a tablet; image documentation created using a smartphone app; findings documentation written on web-based clients; documents scanned with a smartphone camera; etc.) to be managed in clinical document management systems.
The ISiK module "Medication" enables data integration through structured communication options based on a RESTful API for the exchange of medication information ("Medication Plan") as well as prescription and administration data.
The ISiK module "Security" (Sicherheit) provides FHIR resources as a specification and an implementation guide. The security module includes two use cases that allow authentication and authorization of different actors within the hospital so that secured data can be read from or stored in an ISiK FHIR endpoint.
The ISiK module "Appointment Scheduling" (Terminplanung) provides FHIR resources as a specification, examples and an implementation guide. The resources allow the following task processing: Retrieval of images of available partial and full inpatient treatment services by a hospital, query of appointments and availabilities, booking management of available appointments, notifications of appointment changes as well as creation of a new patient in the appointment-keeping system (transmission of patient/insurance information).
The ISiK module "Vital signs and body measurements" (Vitalzeichen und Körpermaße) provides FHIR resources as a specification, examples and an implementation guide. The FHIR resources can be used for structured, REST-based exchange of vital signs in hospital environments.
FHIR resources for information technology systems in nursing care (ISiP – Informationstechnische Systeme in der pflegerischen Versorgung) are determined through the affirmative action process of the same name. Through ISiP, open and standardized interfaces are defined for the interoperable exchange of health data in care.


Resources for electronic health record
REST Interface for a Test-App for the ePA-FdV


gematik is breaking new ground and would like to present the use of the interfaces around the e-prescription in this way. The description of this API supplements the normative documents of gematik as well as the specifications about the e-prescription profiles of the FHIR standard used.
The e-prescription request concept is intended to demonstrate a way of sending and receiving messages in the context of the e-prescription in a decentralized manner between the participants. The messages are strongly structured and prepared in FHIR bundles.


API specification for gematik's KIM - a secure Email standard, which enables the exchange of information and payload in the German healthcare sector.
Collection of TI-Konnektor related interfaces
API specification for gematik's TI-Messenger - a messaging standard, which will enable healthcare personnel in the German healthcare sector to communicate interoperable via DSGVO-conform messaging-services. The TI-Messenger builds on matrix, the open standard for interoperable, decentralised, real-time communication over IP.
API specification for gematik Directory, a service which provides Information about organizations and practitioners in the german healthcare.
API specification for the testdriver interface of an NCPeH simulation. The purpose of the API is to provide a defined interface for testsuites to trigger actions at the simulation and receive the contents of the resulting communication between simulation and NCPeH service.
This repo contains all the FHIR short hand files for profiling the VSDM Ersatzbescheinigung Resources to be published on www.simplifier.net/VSDM-Ersatzbescheinigung